Rhino and Grasshopper 


Computanial design is algorithm generated design. Forms can be designed which wouldn`t be possible to create by the human itself.  

Devloping my design vision further, I found out that I am interested, in  developing objects which integrate through its texture in a enviroment,a design is shaped through natural influences and behaviour.

The possibilty of mimick bahaviour in generative design which is influenced by randomness and constraints bring me closer to archiving my vision.  In that way I am working for “Nature as a client”. The Algorythm mimics nature behavour in a speculative approach. I believe in a future where objects rather intergrated in a enviroment instead of industrial separated. 


I want to use and the possibilites of Grasshopper/Rhino to look a structures in a inspriring new way.  

1) Learning from its behaviour to create textures
2) Learn the possibilites of the programm
3) How far can I archive organic shapes

I also show possible ways to implementthe structures in furniture

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Speculative Textures.